MEE Audio is no stranger to sports-focused earbuds, and last year was a big year for those earbuds. We reviewed the MEE Audio X8 headphones earlier this year, and found that they had a lot to offer. Then, more recently, we took a look at the new MEE Audio X7’s.

But how do the new headphones compare to the top-tier MEE Audio X8 headphones? The X8’s may cost a little more, coming in at $79.99 compared to the X7’s $59.99. But should you shell out the extra cash? We put the two headphones head to head to find out.

Before we dive into the differences, you may want to take a look at the full reviews of the two headphones.


The first thing to note about the headphones is their design, and they’re actually pretty different. The MEE Audio X8 offers a pretty sleek yet standard design. They’re not boring — but you won’t get any surprises here. The headphones wrap around your ear and at the end of that cable you’ll find quite a small and sleek in-ear unit. A little down the right hand cable, you’ll find a control unit with a basic three-button setup. On the left-hand cable you’ll find an equally-sized unit, which we assume is used for extra battery space.

MEE Audio X7 Vs X8 Design

The X7 features a similar design, in ways, but there are some key differences. For starters, the actual in-ear unit is quite a bit bigger than what you’ll find on the X8. In fact, it fits quite snugly in your outer ear — which isn’t a bad thing by any means. Normally, larger in-ears cause comfort issues, but not so in this case.

Another big point of difference is that the MEE Audio X7 features a few splashes of color — either blue or red — which looks great. It’s not enough color to take away from how sleek the headphones look, but it is enough to make them much more easily customizable. Part way down the right-hand cable, you’ll also find a three-button control unit, however there isn’t a similar unit on the other side.


As mentioned, the MEE Audio X7 is slightly bigger than the X8 — but that doesn’t mean it’s less comfortable. In fact, we found that the X7’s were much more comfortable than your average in-ear headphones.

MEE Audio X7 Vs X8 Comfort

The MEE Audio X8 headphones, however, are a little more comfortable than that. For both of these headphones, it’s worth taking the time to find the right-sized eartips, which will help prevent them falling out. Interestingly enough, we had more issues with the headphones falling out on the MEE Audio X8 than the X7 — which could be attributed to the X7’s size.

In general, both headphones are pretty comfortable compared to many other in-ear headphones — however the MEE Audio X8 is a little more comfortable than the X7. Still, the X7 manages to stay in slightly better, thanks to its larger size.


Of course, comfort and design are important enough — but sound is the headlining feature when looking at headphones. Interestingly enough, the sound between these two headphones is pretty different.

When it comes to bass, the MEE Audio X7 headphones are the clear winner. The headphones feature quite a nice and deep bass response, and don’t ever get too muddy. That’s not to say that there’s no bass on the MEE Audio X8 — but there definitely could be a little more.

MEE Audio X7 Vs X8 Controls

The midrange is also pretty different between the two headphones. Both are tuned well, but the MEE Audio X7 headphones are a little stronger in the low-mid region than the X8’s. In the end, the X8’s sound a little more natural in the midrange — but not everyone is looking for natural-sounding headphones. Still, in general, we think the X8’s sound better in the midrange.

That’s also true of the high-end. MEE Audio has done a lot to build good-sounding high-end for the X7, and it has achieved that, for sure. That high-end still does not, however, really compare to that in the X8. The X8 just sounds clearer in the high-end.

In the end, the sound really comes down to personal preference. In general, we think the X8’s sound a lot more natural, which we like — but if you’re looking for better bass response and warmth, you might prefer the sound of the X7’s. If, however, you want clear and crisp high-end, the X8’s are the headphones for you.


Both the MEE Audio X7 and MEE Audio X8 headphones offer 7.5 hours of listening time, so there’s no clear winner there.

They also both have a range of 10 meters, or 33ft — so there’s also no clear winner there.


This is a tough comparison to make. The MEE Audio X8 headphones are a little smaller and sleeker, however we love the splashes of color on the MEE Audio X7 headphones. We think the X8’s are a little more comfortable than the X7’s, however you’ll want to go through the ear tips and tighten the cable to ensure a good fit.

When it comes to sound, it’s an equally difficult comparison to make — the X7’s have a little deeper and stronger bass, while the X8’s are a little more natural and clearer in the high end.

So, back to our initial question — is it worth shelling out the extra $20 for the MEE Audio X8? Yes, we think it is — but only if the headphones suit you. You could be perfectly suited with the design and sound of the X7, in which case you’ll also save a few bucks. But, for a clear and defined sound a lighter unit, the X8 is well worth the money. You can buy both of the headphones below.

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