British car manufacturer Bentley and Naim Audio have been working together for some time now, but now Focal, is joining the mix. Focal and Bentley have announced the new Focal for Bentley Radiance headphones.

The headphones boast a classic design, and according to Focal, they offer distinctly Bentley design cues. They offer beautiful copper accents, with breathable leather on the ear cups. The headphones themselves are closed-back, and according to Focal, they come with a hard case for travel.

Alongside the Focal for Bentley Radiance headphones, Bentley and Naim Audio are also continuing their partnership on the new Naim Mu-So for Bentley wireless speaker system. The device features a beautiful wooden finish, a copper-threaded speaker grille, and a dial that illuminates to touch.

“Bentley, Naim and Focal share an enthusiasm for innovation, dedication to engineering excellence and a true passion that drives our respective areas of expertise,” said Charlie Henderson, Managing Director of Naim Audio. “There is also a collective desire to honour proudly held heritage principles, blending them with cutting-edge technologies to define new benchmarks in premium performance and customer experience.”

Of course, neither of these products is cheap. The Focal for Bentley Radiance headphones come at $1,299, while the Naim Mu-So for Bentley comes at $2,199. They’ll both be available for purchase starting in October from the Focal and Naim websites, respectively.