JLab Audio Epic Air Sport true wireless headphones review
Great sound qualityWell designedRelatively comfortable
Case is a little chunky
9Overall Score

JLab Audio has been building some of our favorite true wireless headphones for the price for a few years now. The JLab Audio Epic Air Elite headphones have been our top pick for true wireless headphones under $150. Now, however, there could be a new model to take the Epic Air Elite’s thrown — the JLab Audio Epic Air Sport.

But beating some of the best true wireless headphones is no small feat. Are the JLab Audio Epic Air Sport headphones truly a worthy successor? We put them to the test to find out.


The design of the JLab Audio Epic Air Sport headphones is very similar to the Epic Air Elite — especially when it comes to the earbuds themselves. The headphones feature an over-ear hook-type design, with the JLab Audio logo on the cap of each earbud. The earbuds are a sleek black, and they’re mostly made from plastic and rubber — though we never felt like they would ever break.

JLab Audio Epic Air Sport Design

The earbuds feature touch-sensitive controls, with a touch surface on each earbud. Once you get used to the controls you’ll find it easy to control the earbuds — touch the right bud to turn the volume up, the left for volume down, and so on.

The case that comes with the JLab Audio Epic Air Sport headphones is very similar to the previous-generation Epic Air Elite — though with a few refinements that make it even better. The case is still pretty big, which is good for those that want to use it as an external battery too. Speaking of, there’s a USB port on the side of the case for charging external devices. On the bottom of the case, there’s a USB cable attached to the case — so you don’t have to carry around an extra charging cable. On the front of the case, you’ll get LED lights that indicate battery level.

JLab Audio Epic Air Sport Case Bottom

In the box, you’ll get pretty much everything you need. There are a hefty seven pairs of ear tips, including foam tips and different gel tip sizes — so there should be something there for everyone.

Generally speaking, the JLab Audio Epic Air Sport headphones are well-designed and look great. The charging case is a little bulky, so the headphones are a bit more suited to being carried in a bag rather than your pocket.


Like the JLab Audio Epic Air Elite headphones, the Epic Air Sport headphones are pretty comfortable. That’s not always the case when it comes to in-ear headphones — so it’s nice to see that these headphones are relatively comfortable.

JLab Audio Epic Air Sport Comfort

Part of the comfort-level of these headphones is due to the fact that they have an earhook-type design, which helps keep them firmly in your ears. During super heavy movement they may start slipping every now and then, we found that the headphones were generally good at staying put — even during sports and when running.


The JLab Audio Epic Air Elite headphones were loved because of their excellent sound quality at the price — and thankfully, the Epic Air Sport headphones continue that tradition.

Let’s start with the bass, which powerful and thick, without going over the top. Kick drums are easily able to punch through a mix, while bass guitars sound smooth and full.

JLab Audio Epic Air Sport In Case

Mid range is relatively well-tuned, offering nice, warm low mids, and enough cut in the high mids for things like vocals.

Where these headphones really shine is in the high end. There’s plenty of high-end response to deliver a crisp and clear listening experience, especially in the “Signature” EQ mode.

The headphones have three listening modes. Bass Boost, as you would expect, emphasis bass response, while “Balanced” claims to offer similar response across the board — though we felt it was a little midsy. “Signature,” on the other hand, scoops the mids a little and offers nice thick bass with clear and detailed highs.


JLab Audio has gone above and beyond for the performance of these headphones. The JLab Epic Sport Air headphones connect to your listening device through Bluetooth 5.0, and we found that it generally retained a good connection — though there were a few skips and jumps when listening on a computer instead of on mobile.

JLab Audio Epic Air Sport Design 2

Battery life, however, is stellar. The earbuds themselves have a 10-hour battery life, which is among the best we’ve seen on a pair of true wireless headphones. The case will get you an extra 60 hours, or six charges — which again, is pretty amazing.


JLab Audio has once again hit a home run with these headphones. The JLab Audio Epic Air Sport headphones are well-designed, comfortable, and sound great — plus they offer an amazing battery life. They’re not perfect — the charging case is a little bulky — but any issues are minor.

But is there something better? Well, in this price range, no. These headphones offer a ton of value for money — and even take out some much more expensive headphones.

In fact, because of their excellent value for money and sound quality, the JLab Audio Epic Air Sport headphones are the first true wireless headphones to be awarded the Headphone Review Gold Medal.

Store Price
Best Buy
JLab Audio $149
Frequency response 20Hz – 20kHz Active noise cancellation No
Driver size 8mm Noise attenuation Unknown
Driver type Dynamic On-ear controls Yes
Design Closed Microphone Yes
Sensitivity 110dB Eartip material Gel, memory foam
Rated impedance 32Ω Magnet material Neodymium
Total harmonic distortion Unknown Water resistance IP55
Rated input power Unknown Battery life 10 hours (+60 hours)
Maximum input power Unknown Wireless distance 10m (33ft)
Wireless connection Bluetooth 5.0 Cable length N/A
Wired connection No Case type Charging case
Detachable cable N/A In-the-box
  • Headphones
  • Charging case
  • Ear tips (x7 pairs)
Weight 10g each earbud, 144g charging case Colors Black