A great pair of headphones is important in ensuring that you have a great listening experience, but not all of us has the dough to spend on a pair of multi-hundred-dollar headphones. For many of us, even $50 is a stretch when buying headphones.

Thankfully, however, a $50 budget doesn’t necessarily mean you have to buy junk. In fact, there are plenty of great option in the $50 price range. They can be a little hard to find though — which is exactly why we’ve put together this guide. Here are some of he best headphones under $50.

Best over-ear headphones under $50

Audio Technica is one of the most well-respected brands in the headphone world, but it doesn’t only make expensive cans — the company also makes relatively well-priced headphones that should appeal to any audiophile on a budget. Like, for example, the Audio Technica ATH-M20X headphones, which offer excellent value for money and can easily go up against headphones twice their price.

The ATH-M20X headphones look like a pair of Audio Technica headphones thanks to their sleek and stylish design. They’re also relatively comfortable, boasting plenty of padding both on the ear cups and under the headband. Perhaps the best thing about the headphones, however, is how great they sound — they offer plenty of bass, warm mids, and tons of detail for the price.

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Best on-ear headphones under $50

Marshall may be better-known for its guitar amplifiers, but in the past few years it has been making some pretty high-quality headphones too. In particular, we like the Marshall Major II — which we think are some of the better headphones for the price.

The Marshall Major II headphones are particular great because of the fact that they sound so good for the price. Sure, they’re a little tuned for some, but they still offer solid bass, decently-tuned mid range, and decent high extension. Plus, they offer that classic Marshall design, which is definitely a nice touch.

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Beast in-ear headphones under $50

HyperX Cloud Earbuds Comfort

HyperX is better-known as a gaming company, but it has recently started shipping slightly more consumer-focused products too — like the HyperX Cloud Earbuds. The headphones really have a lot going for them. They sound pretty good, but on top of that, they’re really comfortable — and far more so than many other in-ear headphones out there.

Sound-wise, the headphones offer decent bass response, coupled with warm mids and a high-mid boost. The highs are detailed and clear, which is always helpful. Sure, they don’t sound as good as far more expensive headphones, but it would be hard to expect them too anyway.

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Best gaming headphones under $50

HyperX Cloud Stinger Design

Great gaming headsets often cost a whole lot more than $50, but recently companies have been pouring money into developing great options for those on a budget — and we think the best choice right now is the HyperX Cloud Stinger headset. The headset is well-designed, with HyperX’s black-and-red color-scheme, plus they’re quite comfortable — which is perfect for those long gaming sessions.

The best thing about these headphones has to be how they sound. In general, the headphones have a relatively accurate sound. There’s decent bass-response, a very well-tuned mid range, and plenty of clarity in the high end. That makes for a generally good gaming experience.

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Best sports headphones under $50

JBL Endurance Sprint Main

Perhaps you’re looking for a great pair of sports headphones — and if that’s you there are some decent options under $50 for you. Namely, we’re big fans of the JBL Endurance Sprint headphones, which offer a slick design and that classic JBL sound-quality.

The headphones may offer a wired design, but if you’re fine with carrying your listening device around, they should still be perfectly fine for most users. On top of that, the ear hooks ensure that the headphones stay firmly on your ears at all times, which is very helpful.

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