Monster is one of the best known headphone brands out there, and for good reason — it offers well-built headphones that look and sound great at a reasonable cost. One of the company’s more recent lines of headphones is called the Monster Clarity HD line, and there are two main models in that line — the Monster Clarity HD on-ear headphones, and the Monster Clarity HD in-ear headphones, both of which we have reviewed in the past few weeks.

But which of the two headphones is right for you? Sometimes it can be a little tough to choose a pair of cans, especially when they’re both built for portability. Here are a few things to consider when choosing between the Monster Clarity HD on-ear and in-ear headphones.

Form factor and design

The first thing to talk about here is the form factor, and there’s a pretty clear difference in the form factor between these two headphones — one is on-ear and the other is in-ear. That doesn’t mean, however, they’re for different uses.

In fact, both on-ear and in-ear headphones are generally built for portability, but the level of portability is obviously a topic of discussion. There’s no point beating around the bush here — if you’re looking for something you can stuff into your pocket, the Monster Clarity HD in-ear headphones are the right headphones for you. If, however, you’re open to a pair of headphones that are slightly less portable, the Monster Clarity HD on-ears might still be in the running.

The problem isn’t just to do with size, however. On-ear headphones are also generally a little more comfortable than in-ear headphones, and that’s no different in this case. In fact, we found that the on-ear headphones were really above par in the comfort department, while the in-ear headphones are a little more average.

Both headphones are really quite stylish looking headphones, but if you’re looking to make a statement, the on-ear headphones are probably the better choice. They’re sleek and stylish, have a big fat Monster logo on them, and are easy to control straight from the headphones. The in-ear headphones are a little more subtle.


Of course, for many people sound quality will be the most important thing — and thankfully both of these headphones offer an excellent sound quality. Generally speaking, on-ear headphones offer a somewhat deeper bass and smoother low end, and while that is true in this case, the in-ear version of the headphones still have a lot to offer in the bass department.

Neither of the two headphones are built to offer a flat or natural frequency response — instead they’re aimed at offering an exciting sound with boosted bass and a more exciting high-end. Both of the two headphones offer that pronounced sound, however the in-ear headphones a little more so. The on-ear headphones also seem to offer slightly extended frequency response in both the super low end and super high-end.

So what should you buy?

If you’re looking for ultra portability, then the Monster Clarity HD in-ear headphones may be the better choice for you. If, however, you prefer a better sound or are looking for something more comfortable — and you’re fine with having to carry the headphones around, the Monster Clarity HD on-ear headphones are generally the better choice. You can buy both headphones below.

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