66 Audio BTS on-ear wireless headphones review
Decent PerformanceNot terrible for the price
Somewhat uglyUnder par soundCan get uncomfortable
5.3Overall Score

Good sports headphones are hard to come by. There’s always something wrong with them — either they compromise on design and look terrible, they fall off our out of yours ears without notice, or they sound bad. 66 Audio, however, thinks it has the solution with the 66 Audio BTS sports headphones.

But do they? Are the BTS headphones worth the $60? We put them through the paces (literally) to find out how they perform.


Let’s be honest — the BTS headphones aren’t really much to look at, like many other sports headphones out there. They feature a small-ish on-ear ear cup with an over-ear clip that loops around the back of your head. You know, in case you were wondering whether or not they’re built for sports.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. The BTS headphones are obviously built to put functionality over fashion. For example, the right earcup features control buttons, which are nice and big so that they can be easily accessed while you’re on the go. There are five buttons in total on the earcup, a central on/off button that doubles as a phone pick up or hung up button, as well as a volume up, volume down, fast-forward, and rewind buttons, which are placed around the central button.

The left earcup doesn’t feature any buttons — only the 66 Audio logo. That’s certainly an interesting choice for the company, and we think the wrong one. With five buttons on one ear, it can get a little confusing to control the headphones, and we often found ourself pressing the wrong buttons. It would make a lot more sense to put some buttons on the right ear and some on the left ear — for example, have the right ear have the volume control buttons, and the left ear playback options.

On top of that, the 66 Audio BTS headphones seem a little cheaply built — which makes sense considering their price, but still isn’t very nice to see. We imagine it would be easy to accidentally break these, especially given the fact that they don’t come with a hard case, just a soft carry bag.

The general feeling when it comes to design is this: the headphones don’t look great, and while there was clearly some attempt to put functionality first, functionality could have been improved a little.


Thankfully, these headphones are somewhat more comfortable than other on-ear cans. That’s largely owed to the fact that rather than clamp onto your head like other non-sporty on-ear headphones, the BTS headphones kind of hang off your ears. While that does eliminate some discomfort that would exist if these headphones were worn like others, it introduces a new way for discomfort to happen — the ear hook.

66 Audio BTS Earpads

Thankfully, these headphones aren’t too bad in that respect, especially for a pair of headphones that you’ll probably only wear at most an hour or two per day while you work out. After a few hours, the headphones did get a little uncomfortable for us, however not badly so — and as mentioned, you’re not going to wear these all day.


Let’s be honest, you’re not going to go for these headphones for their top audio quality. If anything, that’s because they simply don’t offer top audio quality.

The bass on these headphones is definitely lacking. It seems as though the super low end was almost rolled off completely, while even the low-mids seem to suffer from some cuts. That’s a shame, because bass is often considered the single most important aspect of the sound of a pair of headphones.

The high end is no different — sure, it’s present on these headphones, but it seems like some of the super high end has been rolled off, and it’s not until we get into the high mids that there’s a little boost — a boost exactly where we don’t want it.

66 Audio BTS Folded

In other words, these headphones are super midsy, and not in a good way. They seem to accentuate the frequencies that should be cut, and cut the frequencies that should be boosted. While these will be fine for listening to tunes on your run, if you’re looking for a great sounding pair of headphones, these aren’t the headphones for you.


According to 66 Audio, the BTS will offer over 25 hours if playback, and while we didn’t quite get there, we imagine that depending on your use you would be able to hit that 25 hour mark. That’s not bad, but it’s not incredible either. If you’re good at remembering to charge your devices, these headphones will definitely get you through your workouts.

We didn’t really have any issues with connectivity on the 66 Audio BTS headphones — with Bluetooth, they’ll give you up to 33 feet of range, and while that will drastically change if they need to connect through walls or other obstacles, the point is that you’ll keep your phone or listening device in your pocket while you’re working out.


With a lackluster design and a not-so-great sound, we wouldn’t recommend these headphones to anyone who cares about the sound of their music or how they look when they run. The only saving grace? The fact that these headphones are cheap — coming in at only $60, these headphones might be worth it. If you’re looking for a pair of cheap-ish headphones you can take on your runs and while you work out, then these might be the right headphones for you. Otherwise, steer clear of the BTS headphones, you can do better for cheaper.

Store Price
66 Audio $59.99

Frequency response Unknown Noise attenuation Unknown
Driver size Unknown In-line controls  Yes
Sensitivity Unknown Microphone Yes
Rated impedance Unknown Ear pad material Unknown
Total harmonic distortion Unknown Magnet material Unknown
Rated input power Unknown Water resistance No
Maximum input power Unknown Battery life 25 hours
Wireless connection Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless distance 30 feet
Wired connection No Cable length N/A
Detachable cable No Case type Soft bag
Weight Unknown In-the-box  Soft bag, charging cable
Active noise cancellation No Colors Black