True wireless headphones are in their infancy, and they’re only likely to get better over the next few years. One company that’s sure to help make that happen is Master & Dynamic, which has unveiled its first pair of true wireless headphones — the Master & Dynamic MW07 headphones.

It’s certainly exciting to see the company come out with true wireless headphones. Time and time again, Master & Dynamic has come out with some of the most well-designed headphones on the market — and they also happen to sound pretty darn great. If the company can do the same with the Master & Dynamic MW07 headphones, it could seriously help up the competition in the true wireless space.

The design of the Master & Dynamic MW07 headphones is, as you would expect, very classy. The headphones and charging case make heavy use of stainless steel, which gives them a premium feel. They also boast 10mm beryllium drivers, and we expect that like other Master & Dynamic headphones, that will result in an excellent sound quality. Each earbud features a stainless steel button for playback control, and the charging case is one of the few on the market to boast USB-C connectivity. It’s details like that that we love about Master & Dynamic — while USB-C may not beĀ necessary for a charging case, the fact is that the world is moving to USB-C, but most competitors to Master & Dynamic have stuck with the outdated MicroUSB connector.

When it comes to color options, the headphones come in Grey Terrazzo, Tortoiseshell, Steel Blue, and Matte Black — and they all look pretty nice.

Under the hood, the headphones feature Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity, and what Master & Dynamic claims is 14 hours of “on-the-go listening,” which equates to 3.5 hours on a single charge, with three additional charges with the charging case. Each earbud also features built in sensors to detect when you remove the earbuds and pause the music, which should be helpful in ensuring the headphones stay nice and charged up.

In general, the Master & Dynamic MW07 true wireless headphones look to be some of the better true wireless headphones on the market — though we’ll find out in our full review, which should go live sometime next week.