The humble headphone jack had a great life, but for good or for bad, it’s now being phased out. These days, it’s not uncommon to find a flagship smartphone without a headphone jack at all — leaving users with the choice of either buying wireless headphones, or buying a pair of Lightning headphones, or USB-C headphones.

While, however, Lightning headphones are becoming increasingly common, USB-C headphones, which are the Android equivalent, aren’t as common just yet. That, however, is why we’ve put together this guide — to help you find the best USB-C headphones that are out there.

Best USB-C headphones

Libratone Q Adapt

While there aren’t a ton of USB-C headphones out there, there are some — and the best of them are the Libratone Q Adapt headphones. The headphones are sleek and stylish, sound great, and will work great with your USB-C smartphone.

The Libratone Q Adapt headphones were designed specifically for the Google Pixel 2 smartphone, and as such they fall under the “Made for Google” program. Because of that, it’s unclear if the headphones will work properly with other smartphones — but the headphones might work with other USB-C enabled phones too.

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Best noise-cancelling USB-C headphones

Xiaomi Mi Noise

Perhaps you’re more interested in a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. With a USB-C connection, you won’t have to worry about battery — which is great news for those that don’t like having to charge their headphones. The Xiaomi Mi Noise headphones are relatively sleek and stylish, plus they sound pretty good and connect to your USB-C phone.

Perhaps the best thing about these headphones is that they’re relatively inexpensive. The headphones come in at under $70, making them a great choice for those that want some decent headphones with noise cancellation at a reasonable price.

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Cheapest USB-C Headphones

OnePlus Type-C Bullets

Simply looking for the best USB-C headphones you can find at the lowest price possible? The OnePlus Type-C Bullets may be the way to go. The headphones boast a sleek design and a USB-C connector that should help the headphones connect to any USB-C enabled phone.

Apart from the USB-C connector and sleek design, the headphones also boast a built-in DAC, meaning that they should sound pretty good. They also have a control remote, meaning you won’t have to pull them out of your pocket to use all the time. Last but not least, the headphones are pretty cheap.

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